Amanda Seymour-Skinner Strategist

Amanda is a Strategist at Kula Partners with international marketing and business education and experience. With over nine years of digital marketing experience working in a variety of industries including telecommunications, fashion, healthcare, real estate, tourism, and now manufacturing – Amanda has found her niche for telling stories about products that help people.

She is a graduate of MacEwan University’s competitive Bachelor of Communication Studies where she majored in Professional Communications in 2016. She is also a graduate of Bond University’s prestigious Juris Doctor program where she holds a concentration in International Business and Finance Law in 2019.

Amanda has worked for clients as a freelancer and in-house in Canada, Australia, and the United States. She has vast experience dipping her toes in almost every area of digital marketing.

In her free time, Amanda is an avid volunteer and currently holds positions on the CBRM’s Diversity Committee and the Cape Breton Partnership’s Healthcare Committee.

She is a cat mom to Chardonnay and Shiraz and a dog mom to Chewbacca. She loves drinking too much coffee, running races, painting on canvas, cooking delectable vegan meals, Pinteresting too much, and has three Instagram accounts. On her weekends you can find her outside with her husband, planning travels with her best friend or watching The Simpsons.


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