Emily Seaman Senior Strategist

As Strategist at Kula Partners, Emily’s curiosity is what fuels her creative and analytical mind by digging into the data, challenging assumptions, and connecting business goals and objectives with user-centric strategies.

She has always worn many hats, as both a Digital Strategist and Health & Wellness nut. She has a love for learning that keeps her personally motivated. After completing her Bachelor of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax she’s continued to keep her Google certifications up-to-date, is HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified, has explored self-guided user experience learning, and (fun fact) she’s also a certified Pilates Instructor. She loves teaching and empowering people by giving them the tools to succeed in whatever they are doing.

Emily has spent most of her career working for digital agencies. Over the years she has specialized in many different sectors from economic development to healthcare to tourism and now manufacturing. Her area of focus (and personal mission) is to understand how users make their decisions, uncovering their needs and wants, and defining what’s important to them to create thoughtful strategies rooted in user experience.

Image of Emily Seaman
  • HubSpot Inbound Certification
  • Google Adwords Certification

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