Laura Hawkins

Director of Digital Marketing

Kula’s digital marketing team lead, Laura develops and oversees strategy for clients across the firm.

After earning a Public Relations degree at Mount Saint Vincent University, Laura worked both client and agency side in a variety of capacities before joining Kula nearly 5 years ago as their first Digital Marketer. Her role has grown along with the firm, contributing to hundreds of successful client initiatives along the way—including helping clients grow their Organic search traffic by 400% via content strategy, developing and overseeing execution of social strategies that grow leads generated by 390% and new customers gained by 500%, and helping clients achieve 100% occupancy rate objectives, to name a few examples.

Inquisitive by nature, Laura is drawn to the scientific and psychological aspects of marketing—seeking to understand what makes people tick and using data to continuously evaluate and iterate tactics. She is enthusiastic about helping clients employ inbound principles to solve their marketing challenges and to produce measurable results.

Her love of learning and new experiences extends well beyond the world of marketing. Laura is always planning her next adventure, whether it’s exploring a different part of Nova Scotia’s natural beauty, or traveling to a new place. She delights in a variety of food and drink with affinities for local fare and international cuisine, and is best known among friends for her laugh and colourful sense of humour.

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