Shawna MacDonald Front End Developer

Shawna stumbled on her passion for web development after completing a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Instead of pursuing a career as a dietician, she started a nutrition blog—but rather than writing nutrition-related content, she spent all of her time improving the website’s design, performance, and accessibility. This led her down the path to becoming a web developer. She’s since earned a minor in computer science, has done countless hours of self-directed learning, and has developed websites for a number of her own clients.

As front-end web developer at Kula Partners, Shawna combines her love for art, creativity and problem solving. A lot of Shawna’s free time is spent attending development workshops, completing online code challenges, and working on various personal projects to grow her skill set. She also enjoys playing video games, reading anything and everything published by Image Comics, and spending time with family, friends, and her two dogs, Atlas and Little Bear. 


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