Wade Prue Director of Operations

Like many software quality assurance testers, Wade’s road to the career has been winding and varied. Graduating from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science, he never expected that testing would be the role in which he would truly flourish.

A tinkerer at heart, his career choices have always drawn him to roles where technical problem solving was the focus. Computer troubleshooting and repair formed the first step in his technical career path, and was a position that eventually led him to managing an award-winning small business. After working in a range of technical domains, Wade found himself drawn to testing. The skill set required of a tester aligned perfectly with his desire to investigate, understand and document technical problems. As a tester, he is never satisfied simply finding a problem – he seeks to understand the how and why behind (and with some luck, a possible solution to) every defect encountered.

When not pouring over debug logs or authoring test cases, Wade enjoys camping in inconvenient places, cycling, traveling to music festivals, woodworking and getting in over his head with home renovations.

Image of Wade Prue
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