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HubSpot just launched a game changing advertising platform

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about HubSpot’s brand new advertising platform and how it will help inbound marketers moving forward.

Meet Leadin, HubSpot’s newly released free inbound marketing software

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Wondering if HubSpot’s inbound certification is right for you? Here are 12 of the best lessons you’ll learn on the journey to becoming HubSpot certified!

Inbound Marketing for Export Focused Companies

If you are from Nova Scotia you are probably familiar with the Now or Never Report (also now as the Ivany Report) produced by the oneNS Coalition. The report makes it very clear: if Nova Scotia businesses are to be truly successful at growing our economy, they need to focus on exporting.

On Thursday March 5th, we were thrilled to be joined by more than 50 of our region’s brightest sales and marketing professionals for an open discussion about how we can use inbound marketing to increase our province’s national and international exports.

As our guest panel speakers highlighted, with inbound marketing it’s possible to market and sell well beyond our borders without requiring a physical presence outside of the region.

17 Stats you should know about visual content marketing in 2015

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Using interactive calculators to generate more inbound leads

As inbound marketers, we all know the power of a whitepaper or ebook top of the funnel offer. The ability to provide unique, compelling information, accessible only via a simple sign up form is the bread and butter in an inbound marketer’s toolbox. It’s often the place where many of our client’s leads begin their journey through the buying process.

What if you could provide a web asset that was more useful to your site prospects than a document to download and read? At Kula Partners, we’ve found that interactive calculators can help your prospects learn much more about your offerings, while providing your sales team with a greater depth of understanding on the needs of your potential customers.

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