Marketing Halo 3 – “Don’t suck”


Darren Zenko wrote a review of Halo 3 in the Edmonton Journal here.

A lot of marketers could learn from his explanation of the Halo 3’s hype:
“So, what’s the big deal with Halo 3? Why the doorcrashing lineups and midnight madness and insane first-day numbers? Hype’s a part of it, but that hype is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Every step of the way, the Halo games have provided experiences so perfectly tuned and enjoyable that their countless little innovations only really get noticed when other games don’t have them — and gamers can’t wait to see what Halo has in store for this powerhouse generation of consoles. Halo earned its blockbusterdom the old-fashioned way: by not sucking.”

Heh. Rule #1: Don’t suck. Rule #2: Refer to rule #1.

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