Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc.

Advanced Sleep Medicine Services, Inc. (ASMS) offers complete sleep disorder diagnostic and treatment services from its 20+ locations in California. ASMS plans to extend their offering to patients across the US by providing telemedicine services, in-home sleep tests, and an online store stocked with CPAP devices and supplies. To help accomplish their objectives, they turned to Kula to establish an online sales and marketing platform which facilitates immediate growth and enables ongoing iteration and improvement. The result is a conversion-focused new that supports their clinic locations while helping them expand their footprint nationwide.

The new ASMS site had to be created to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA governs the use and disclosure of protected health information and mandates that data related to personal medical details, including names, medical records, and payment history, must be secure. For inbound marketing, this means ensuring that personal data collected during the marketing process must remain properly stored and that the automation platform was itself HIPAA-compliant.

To facilitate ongoing marketing initiatives, LuxSci was selected as the marketing automation platform. LuxSci offers secure email and online forms but does not natively provide several critical tools that power inbound marketing—including landing pages or CTAs. To ensure the new could benefit from marketing automation and remain HIPAA compliant, Kula built a custom integration that draws on WordPress for the creation of landing and thank you pages while using LuxSci for email automation. To further ensure HIPAA compliance at an administrative level, Kula provided guidance on management and administrative functions.

Kula also helped ASMS refresh their brand to reflect their goal of being the country’s go-to sleep specialists. We took inspiration from the relaxing nature of spa sites to ensure visitors feel welcomed and relaxed, solidifying the idea that ASMS patients will feel more rested and relaxed after treatment. We expanded on their original brand colors to create a color palette which imparts a soothing nighttime feeling, with the intention of helping the user feel as if they’re breathing easier just by visiting the site. The logo was simplified, rendering it more legible, while still communicating the medical nature of ASMS’ services.  

After expanding ASMS’ existing buyer personas early in the redesign process, we optimized site content to surface important information, answer common questions, and help further establish trust between visitors and ASMS. Site content is written to help address personas’ objections and common misconceptions about sleep disorders—illustrating for prospective patients how comfortable and convenient diagnosis and treatment can be while emphasizing the many benefits of a good night’s sleep.

The previous iteration of the ASMS site was challenging to navigate with numerous orphaned pages, an inconsistent site structure, and no central repository for resources. To ensure that potential patients and their loved ones are able to find and quickly understand the information they need about how to identify sleep disorders, as well as what to expect during a sleep study, we designed the site to accommodate a section for patients with a wealth of freely available resources. The new site also caters to the needs of busy physicians referring their patients to ASMS for sleep studies. By restructuring the site to offer an easily-identifiable section for physicians, practitioners can easily refer patients, request a service call, and securely share medical records via a completely HIPAA-compliant system.

To grow ASMS’ reputation as a source of education and support for people suffering from sleep disorders and solidify their position as a thought leader, we worked with ASMS to develop an interactive sleepiness quiz using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. This quiz helps determine the medical necessity of a sleep study, providing the user with immediate results. This interactive tool and their premium content assets were gated to capture leads.

To help rank for target key terms and increase the likelihood that patients and physicians can discover the information they need, we optimized site content for SEO, including recreating pages for primary topics in an in-depth skyscraper style. Further, to ensure the brick-and-mortar locations were easy to find in SERPs, we expanded individual location pages and optimized them for SEO. Each page was designed for conversion, surfacing calls to action and easy-to-use forms for prospective patients to easily schedule an appointment online.

As ASMS positions themselves as a leading ecommerce provider of sleep apnea machines and supplies, their new site needed to facilitate easy purchases and re-orders. To make it possible for ASMS patients and customers to purchase CPAP equipment and replacement supplies online, the beautiful new website is integrated with WooCommerce. With just a few simple clicks, users can easily shop for their required items. ASMS customers can even sign up for a convenient product resupply program to receive their required supplies on a regular schedule without having to re-order them each time.

The site was built to perform seamlessly on any device, making it simple for visitors from desktops to mobile phones to navigate, access resources, request sleep studies and shop online.

Although it is still early days, initial results are promising, including an improvement in visitor engagement, demonstrated through a 34% increase in the number of pages viewed per session, a 14% increase in average session duration, and a 6% decrease in bounce rate.

  • WooCommerce
  • LuxSci
  • WordPress

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