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Bishop’s Cellar is an Atlantic Canadian retailer of wine, beer, and spirits, holding one of very few private liquor licenses in Halifax, NS. Bishop’s Cellar turned to Kula Partners to help them replicate their incredible in store experience. We built a responsive, UX-focused website integrating a robust network of product selectors that makes purchasing wine, beer and spirits from mobile and desktop devices surprisingly (and almost dangerously) simple.

Once the mechanism to purchase wine online was in place, our focus turned to changing consumer habits—in a strictly regulated province like Nova Scotia, purchasing wine online seemed like a foreign concept to most of the market. We created the Wine Wednesday promotion to encourage online shopping for the holidays and aid in familiarizing the existing customer base with the process of purchasing wine online.

This 7 week campaign resulted in a substantial increase in top line revenue, with:

  • 3,600 Bottles of wine sold
  • A 396% increase in online revenue compared to the same time frame the year before

Of the customers taking part in the promotion:

  • 238 made their first-ever online purchase of wine as a result of Wine Wednesday
  • 100 of those customers made an additional (unprompted) online wine purchase during those 7 weeks on a day other than Wine Wednesday

HubSpot email nurturing was implemented for first-time online buyers. From here, we ran smaller campaigns—such as offering discount codes in exchange for a small amount of information—to further segment our contact database into Personas in order to market to them more effectively.

Most recently, we’ve developed an interactive quiz template which allows Bishop’s Cellar to create Buzzfeed-style quizzes which can recommend products to the user—also giving them an opportunity to share their results on social media.

  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • Magento
  • Google Merchant
  • Interactive Content
  • AdWords

Bishop's Cellar has been working with Kula for the better part of the last decade to integrate all aspects of our digital, social and e-commerce platforms. Working with a shared vision – our teams have built a conversion focused Hubspot/Magento website with an intuitive, easy to manage back-end that gives our team the ability to update content and new product information with ease.

Online shopping for wine in Nova Scotia is a relatively foreign concept. Through persona driven campaigns like Wine Wednesday & streamlined landing pages – we have been able to provide consumers a simplified, easy to navigate shopping experience that allowed many of our customers to make their FIRST online wine purchase.

Other creative digital tools like our "Which #NSWine are you" quiz have been extremely valuable in driving persona self identification, as well as gain a much clearer picture of our customer and their online behaviour.

  • Matt Rogers
  • General Manager
  • Bishop's Cellar
Nova Scotia's leading private wine store, has over 800 wines for every wine lovers budget. Located on the scenic Halifax waterfront.

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