Halifax International Airport Authority

As Atlantic Canada’s principal full-service airport, the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (HIAA) connects people and cargo with markets around the world. HIAA came to Kula Partners with hopes of making their flyhalifax.com website more intuitive for users visiting on all devices.

We began with a complete redesign of flyhalifax.com. This revamped website was intuitively designed to feature:

  • Multi-tier travel alert systems
  • A mobile friendly design
  • Display advertising management systems
  • A flight information display system
  • Google Maps-driven interfaces

Feedback on this redesign was immediate and immensely positive. Visitors are now able to  quickly and efficiently locate realtime information on flight arrivals and departures, as well as airline information and airport announcements. Since going live in July 2013, flyhalifax.com has seen:

  • 445% increase in sessions
  • 625% increase in page visitors from Nova Scotia
  • 1750% increase in mobile users

Recently, we conducted VWO heat-map tests to better understand how visitors were actually interacting with the site. Using the results of these tests, we have continued to fine tune the user experience for flyhalifax.com.

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport is certified as Airport Service Quality Assured—a gold standard for service excellence in transportation industry. With Kula’s redesign, these high standards have been extended to visitors seeking information remotely from their desktop or mobile device.

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