As an owner and operator of over 1,250 apartments and condos throughout Halifax, Nova Scotia, Southwest Properties initially approached Kula Partners with the goal of making their website more intuitive for mobile apartment seekers. However, much like the Halifax real estate market itself, our relationship with Southwest has grown by leaps and bounds since our first successful redesign of

Since then, Kula has worked with Southwest to implement inbound marketing strategies to help with leasing and sales for several of their developments in Halifax, including:

  • The Grainery Lofts
  • Pavilion at South Park
  • Maple

In order to achieve Southwest’s leasing and sales goals, we:

  • Developed captivating websites that could easily be accessed on mobile devices
  • Created detailed Buyer Personas with corresponding nurturing workflows and various funnel offers ranging from building guides to the ability to schedule a viewing
  • Used Paid Search via Google AdWords to ensure qualified traffic would be able to find information on developments
  • Implemented Sponsored Posts via Facebook Ads using relevant content to generate demand
  • Used email campaigns to provide updates on construction as well as promote building viewing and leasing centers

The results of these efforts have been outstanding, in fact:

  • The Grainery Lofts achieved a 100% occupancy rate shortly after opening its doors
  • 90% of the Pavilion South Park condos were sold before breaking ground on the development
  • Since opening in June 2016, the Maple Leasing Center has received an incredible response with many visitors signing pre-lease agreements ahead of the Maple’s scheduled Spring 2017 opening

We look forward to a continued successful relationship with Southwest as they provide more Haligonians with a place to call home.

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  • HubSpot
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
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