WeVideo evolved out of Creaza, a Norwegian company that created educational online creative tools for children. Inspired by the success of the program in Europe, WeVideo was born in 2011 with the primary focus of expanding video creation technology across North America and other global markets.

WeVideo approached Kula Partners with a need to attract more qualified traffic, improve their lead nurturing capabilities, and reduce the friction within their signup workflow. They also needed a website that was more focused on attracting education and business customers.   

To achieve these goals, we:

  • Developed and implemented a revised user interface
  • Conducted extensive CRO and UX testing across their conversion points to ensure the site was optimized for ideal WeVideo customers
  • Created a blogging schedule and conducted guest blogging outreach campaigns

The result is a site with an eye-catching look and intuitive feel that highlights the core benefits of WeVideo for their customers.

Through data-driven design, UX, and SEO improvements to the WeVideo site, we:

  • Improved traffic attraction and conversion
  • Ramped-up content output helped them gain more traction

Additionally, WeVideo’s guest blogging opportunity on the HubSpot marketing blog coincided with the release of their first-ever downloadable content offer, a marketing video eBook tailored to business users.

  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • VWO

Kula Partners have put WeVideo at the forefront of digital marketing. They are a trusted partner and have been instrumental in driving marketing automation using Hubspot and using user segmentation data, helped launch content marketing campaigns to drive user acquisition. In addition they have continuously help with conversion rate optimization using advanced analytics. Since we engaged Kula we have tripled our revenues.

  • Eric Lagier
  • VP Growth
  • WeVideo
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