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The Kula Ring podcast is essential listening for manufacturing marketers who want to grow their digital presence and compete online.

Sponsored by Kula Partners—an agency committed to helping leading B2B manufacturers craft digital experiences that transform how they engage buyers, serve customers, and outpace their competition—The Kula Ring podcast features conversations about marketing, sales, and technology with top manufacturing executives from across North America.

The Kula Ring podcast is co-hosted by Kula Partners principals, Carman Pirie and Jeff W. White, both of whom are frequently sought after for their digitally-focused B2B expertise. They regularly share their insights with audiences including conferences like B2B Online and HubSpot’s INBOUND, the Gardner Manufacturing Marketer blog, and other podcasts focused on B2B marketing and technology.

Episode 42

How Manufacturing Marketers Can Help B2B Buyers During Their Self-Directed Research Process

Featuring Google's Tarun Rathnam, Head of Industry for B2B Advertising, and Aaron Hite, Partner Lead

Jeff and Carman talk with Google’s Tarun Rathnam, Head of Industry for B2B Advertising, and Aaron Hite, Partner Lead, in this episode of The Kula Ring. With at least two thirds of B2B buyers preferring to conduct their own research online according to Google’s study with Comscore, they discuss how manufacturing marketers can adapt their marketing strategies to reach B2B buyers throughout their self-directed research process.

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Episode 41

It’s Not About Price or Product: Solve Your Buyers’ Problems

Featuring Mark Mitchell, Strategic Marketing Consultant at Whizard Strategy

Mark Mitchell of Whizard Strategy, a consultancy that specializes in building materials sales and marketing, shares the keys to differentiating your manufacturing brand and winning over buyers. Mark’s advice? It has nothing to do with product features or price—rather, it has to do with how well you understand your buyer’s business and how well you can help them solve their problems.

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