Bend Beauty

Bend Beauty is a manufacturer of premium, evidence-based skincare supplements. Having outgrown their tech stack, and with aggressive future growth targets, Bend Beauty engaged Kula Partners to redesign and re-platform its US and Canadian websites into a single solution with integrated ecommerce and marketing automation.

Bend Beauty wanted to perform more SKU-level marketing including abandoned cart nurturing, repurchase nurturing, and upsell and cross-sell campaigns. We provided marketing technology consulting to assess their current platform, Mailchimp, against other solutions. We ultimately recommended HubSpot because of its ability to support their current and future needs.

As part of the ecommerce redesign, we helped Bend Beauty bring its brand up to date online and leveraged WooCommerce as the online store’s backbone, building in functionality like couponing, a referral program, and fulfillment partner integrations. Additionally, we migrated subscriptions and product inventories from their US and Canadian websites into the new ecommerce website, which provides multi-currency support.

Using Synchrostack, Kula’s proprietary integration platform that connects anything to WooCommerce, we integrated Bend Beauty’s ecommerce website with HubSpot. This enterprise-calibre integration provides Bend Beauty with a single view of customer interactions and real-time data that can be used to create more advanced marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

Other Projects

Image of Essex Active

Essex Active

Essex Active is a premier provider of fabrication and conversion services within the Superior Essex family of companies. Essex Active engaged Kula to develop a comprehensive ManuMark™ Site Planning strategy which would be used to guide the creation of a new, standalone Essex Active website. We delivered full-funnel and competitive research, site architecture and SEO recommendations, creative platform development, website design strategy, concept development and creative direction, design standards development, and comprehensive user story development to guide the build.

Image of MetOcean Telematics

MetOcean Telematics

MetOcean Telematics is a leader in satellite communications, serving a number of highly niche vertical markets. We transformed their online presence, including the launch of an inbound marketing-enabled ecommerce platform to serve their global B2B client base.


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