Win Your Niche with ManuMark™

You already know that buyers have changed, the sales process has been blown up, and the new business pipelines that will drive modern sales organizations tomorrow will look dramatically different from the past. Is your marketing strategy keeping up? Is it built for what’s next?

Manufacturing marketers are being challenged to do more. Appeal to more buyers. Convert more prospects. Manage more channels. Implement more technology. Manage more complex teams. Navigate a more intricate and rapidly changing marketing and sales landscape. More.

This is what we’ve designed ManuMark™ to help manufacturing marketers navigate.

It’s All Niches Now

Manufacturing marketing isn’t B2B marketing. A one-size-fits-all B2B strategy doesn’t work in the niche markets where most B2B manufacturers compete. In this article, Kula co-founder Carman Pirie goes into detail about how serving niches challenges many commonly held B2B marketing and sales assumptions.


ManuMark™: Marketing Strategy for B2B Manufacturers

ManuMark™ is our strategy-first approach to B2B manufacturer marketing and it’s also the foundational phase of our work with any new manufacturer. At a high level, ManuMark™ includes a complete assessment of an organization’s market niche and brand, a strategic approach to demand generation and niche growth, and how success will be measured and reported.

With the ManuMark™ strategy, we aim to deliver a comprehensive accounting of where your organization is now as well as the path to niche leadership in order to drive niche growth. 

Our earliest weeks working with a new manufacturer include:

Discovery & Diagnostic

  • Digital Fundamentals Assessment
  • ICP development
  • Key challenge identification
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Conversion flow assessment
  • Brand messaging & positioning analysis

Strategy Development

  • Strategic approach identification
  • Traffic acquisition planning
  • Buyer journey mapping
  • Demand and lead gen planning

Goal-setting, Measurement, & Reporting

  • Milestone & initiative mapping
  • Digital KPI development
  • Full-funnel goal-setting
  • Reporting & data visualization

Navigating Your Niche

This process begins in our earliest conversations with manufacturers, as we begin by assessing account-based revenue competencies and niche orientation through our Niche Navigator™ framework. Niche Navigator™ is a foundational tool for understanding how to compete and win in B2B markets. As niches narrow and numbers of potential customers shrink, this framework clarifies opportunities and helps prioritize the tactics that will be most effective as you carve your path to niche leadership.

Types of Engagements

Clients engage Kula Partners to help them win in one of three ways:


Full-funnel diagnostics and planning to power category leading marketing performance in your niche. These clients often have internal teams responsible for implementation and are seeking expert analysis and strategic planning guidance.

Consulting + Implementation Support

Strategy and agile implementation support to power your niche leadership. In addition to diagnostics and complete strategy, these clients are often seeking a website development and marketing technology partner coupled with initial program implementation support and training.

Consulting + Full Implementation

Our team serving as an extension of yours, helping your marketing and sales organization scale quickly to power faster growth. These clients are seeking to accelerate their marketing and sales performance with comprehensive diagnostics, strategic planning and expert implementation with an ongoing agency partner.

In 2019, Sentry Equipment struggled with a traditional sales funnel model. Growth was stagnant, and we needed to engage in a new strategy. So, we explored account-based marketing (ABM) programs. After engaging Kula Partners, they took the time to help us truly understand our business, and together we developed a strategy and a roadmap to implement ABM. Since then, we have successfully launched and scaled several campaigns across multiple vertical markets served, with some achieving an ROI of up to 2800%. KULA’s work was instrumental in making our program successful.

Sentry Equipment
Digital Marketing Manager

Kate Moreland

Episode 203

More Is Less

Carman Pirie & Jeff White

Featuring Carman Pirie and Jeff White, Principals at Kula Partners

September 27, 2022

Manufacturing marketers can face a lot of pressure to do more. Include more. Say more. Sometimes it seems like the favourite word in marketing is “and’… there’s always an excuse to add this, and that, and this thing too, and.. well, you get it. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman discuss why you should often choose to do less.



I’m Jesse Mawhinney, Vice President at Kula Partners. If you need support in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, contact me today. I’ll review your message, do some research about your organization, and reach out to book a call.