Manufacturers deal with notoriously long sales cycles, large average contract values, and growing buying committees. The average sales cycle is growing more complex, with more buyers involved at more stages, and as much as 60% of the purchase process being conducted anonymously before ever engaging directly with potential suppliers.

The greatest challenge in traditional B2B marketing is that most of the buying journey is already over by the time you learn it’s happening.

The greatest challenge in traditional B2B marketing is that most of the buying journey is already over by the time you learn it’s happening. When you have a more complete understanding of your lead flow, you can get in front of your ideal customers much earlier in their buying journey and influence your prospects’ decisions before they ever fill out a form on your website.

By leveraging a mix of in-depth market research and cutting-edge ABM technology, we help manufacturers develop campaigns that deliver unprecedented account intelligence, reduced advertising costs, increased opportunity conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and expanded customer relationships.

It’s All Niches Now

Manufacturing marketing isn’t B2B marketing. A one-size-fits-all B2B strategy doesn’t work in the niche markets where most B2B manufacturers compete. In this article, Kula co-founder Carman Pirie goes into detail about how serving niches challenges many commonly held B2B marketing and sales assumptions.


How We Help Manufacturers Win with ABM

For B2B manufacturers who are trying to optimize revenue within niche categories, traditional demand generation activities are just a start. Account-based marketing enables manufacturers to exert influence at every stage of the buying journey, with marketing, sales, and even customer service all working in concert to provide the desired experience for your target accounts — long before prospects ever download an ebook or fill out a contact form.

Understand Your Lead Flow

  • Target account list development and research to home in on your ICPs and define your niche
  • Gather account intelligence and spend advertising money more wisely
  • Develop a larger lead pipeline by getting in front of prospects earlier in their buying journeys

Get the Right Tools for the Job

  • Develop a laser-focused target account list and ICPs within your well-defined niche
  • Get tailored, tech-agnostic martech recommendations based on your specific needs
  • Hit the ground running with onboarding assistance and team training

Grow Internal ABM Competencies

  • Synchronize sales and marketing activities to create a force multiplier
  • Use account intelligence at all touch points to maximize the impact of your efforts
  • Develop customized sales collateral that speaks directly to target accounts’ needs

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Technology Partners

Our approach is to partner with category leaders while maintaining a technology-agnostic position in our work with clients. We count both Terminus and Demandbase as ABM Platform Partners among our growing list of marketing and sales technology partnerships.


Get Your Team On Board

For many B2B manufacturers, the extent of the interaction between sales and marketing departments is the hand-off that happens once marketing has qualified a lead and passes them to sales. However, niche revenue is a team sport, and the key to account-based marketing is developing deep coordination between teams. ABM is as much about people as it is about tech, and it’s important to begin an ABM program with a plan for getting your whole team involved.

Niche revenue is a team sport.

Regardless of the technology used to power it, a mature ABM program is about coordinating the work of your team so that they act as force multipliers. Getting marketing and sales working in unison against a set of target accounts to shorten the distance between awareness and opportunity. Surrounding deals in flight with supporting advertising. Coordinating marketing with customer service to expand or cross-sell existing accounts. Ensuring any opportunity to sell to your target accounts is supported by the rest of your team.

The increased sales intelligence and opportunities that come from a mature ABM program are hugely beneficial, but organizations need to build their ABM muscles to get there. We help organizations grow their account-based marketing competencies from strategy development through building internal workflows, so that they can reap the benefits of a mature ABM program down the line.



I’m Jesse Mawhinney, Vice President at Kula Partners. If you need strategic support in developing smart, effective ABM campaigns to engage your target accounts, contact me today. I’ll review your message, do some research about your organization, and reach out to book a call.