Educational Resources

  • The Inbound Marketing Website Redesign Guide

    Read Time : 55 mins

    This comprehensive 10,000+ word guide outlines a proven-process for developing conversion-optimized inbound marketing websites. Whether you want to improve your website’s mobile user experience, update your branding and positioning, or optimize your site for lead generation, this guide will help you put the proper plan in place to execute a successful redesign project.

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  • Inbound Marketing for Healthcare Practices

    Read Time : 12 mins

    The tactics covered here are proven paths for healthcare practices to gain more leads, consultations, and patients. Get the guide now and grow your practice by implementing these results-driven inbound marketing strategies.

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  • Kill the PDF!

    Read Time : 11 mins

    Make your content assets more mobile-friendly and dramatically enhance the user experience by moving to interactive and responsive web-based offers. Get this free guide today to learn how interactive whitepapers and eBooks can more effectively engage leads, include rich media, and be kept accurate and up-to-date.

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  • The Inbound Marketer’s Quick Start Guide to CRO

    Read Time : 10 mins

    This guide is designed to help savvy inbound marketers learn the basics of conversion rate optimization and adopt a structured testing regime for their organization. When you download this guide you will learn about the various types of tests you can employ, software tools for CRO, key optimization metrics, common mistakes to avoid, and more.

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  • Writing Website Content that Converts: The Inbound Marketer’s Handbook

    Read Time : 17 mins

    Inbound marketers need to know how to write copy that effectively attracts and converts traffic, but that can be a challenge if you’re not a writer, your team is resource constrained or just too busy. We’ve created this guide to share a few rules that make creating conversion focussed content much easier. Inside, you’ll find detailed and actionable information about writing copy that encourages people to give up their contact information.

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  • How to Get More From HubSpot: 11 Ways to Maximize Your Investment

    Read Time : 40 mins

    You’ve invested in HubSpot, now it’s time to make sure you’re making the most of it. This in-depth guide provides detailed tutorials on how to maximize your use of HubSpot’s most popular features, as well as breakdowns of some tools that you may not even know exist. Get your copy of the guide now!

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  • The 9 Step Guide to Successfully Getting Started with HubSpot

    Read Time : 30 mins

    Get this easy-to-follow resource that provides straightforward tips and walkthroughs that will help you maximize your investment in HubSpot from day one!

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  • The Epic Guide to Creating an Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Read Time : 90 mins

    This comprehensive 15,000+ word guide will help you create a winning inbound marketing strategy. Broken down into twelve chapters, this guide features actionable tips, advice and insight from more than twenty industry leading experts. To help you follow along with this guide we have also created a free inbound marketing strategy checklist which you can download for future reference.

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  • How to Create a Comprehensive Inbound Marketing Plan

    Read Time : 12 mins

    The first step to achieving your inbound marketing objectives—like driving more qualified visits, gaining more leads, and closing more customers—is developing a rock-solid plan. By putting a proper inbound marketing plan in place for your organization, you’ll be better able to prioritize each aspect of your strategy and put more focus on the tactics that produce the best results.

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  • 7 Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

    Read Time : 10 mins

    Research shows that marketers who nurture leads during the sales process see an average 20% increase in sales vs. marketers who don’t. Despite the obvious benefits of active lead nurturing, a majority of marketers don’t nurture their sales leads. Download a free copy of this whitepaper now and learn about seven amazingly effective lead nurturing tactics you can implement for your organization today.

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  • Inbound Marketing Buyer Persona Development Template

    Read Time : 15 mins

    Buyer personas are a crucial component for developing an effective inbound marketing strategy. This free Buyer Persona Development Template will help you create well-researched buyer personas so your sales and marketing department will have the information they need to reach and engage your ideal customers with content that speaks directly to them.

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  • Take a Bite Out of Your Competition: Inbound Marketing for Orthodontists

    Read Time : 12 mins

    Competition in orthodontics is fierce, and creating a system that generates a predictable flow of new patients is no easy feat. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with a number of orthodontists across North America to create scalable inbound marketing programs that generate steady streams of new patients. Now, we’ve created this guide to share our strategies for success with you.

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  • In-Depth Guide to Implementing An SEO Audit, With Template

    Read Time : 18 mins

    You know how important organic traffic can be, but do you know how to evaluate your site’s SEO and ensure your site is build to attract and convert visitors from this channel? In the In-Depth Guide to Implementing An SEO Audit you’ll learn how to identify the right keywords, find gaps in your site copy, and more, plus tips to work through the accompanying template.

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  • The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Qualifying Inbound Leads

    Read Time : 8 mins

    For many B2B marketers who support sales organizations, dealing with inbound leads is a new ballgame. This guide offers B2B marketers a detailed walk-through of everything you need to do to research, qualify, and engage prospective leads and how to proceed once the connection is made.

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Kula Partners is a conversion optimized inbound marketing agency based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As Canada’s first Platinum HubSpot Partner, we have launched more than 200 websites and inbound marketing strategies over the past dozen years. Every step along the way, our objective has been to help our clients sell more. Sell more products. Sell more services. Sell more ideas.

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