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The Kula Ring podcast is essential listening for manufacturing marketers who want to grow their digital presence and compete online.

Sponsored by Kula Partners—an agency committed to helping leading B2B manufacturers craft digital experiences that transform how they engage buyers, serve customers, and outpace their competition—The Kula Ring podcast features conversations about marketing, sales, and technology with top manufacturing executives from across North America.

The Kula Ring podcast is co-hosted by Kula Partners principals, Carman Pirie and Jeff W. White, both of whom are frequently sought after for their digitally-focused B2B expertise. They regularly share their insights with audiences including conferences like B2B Online and HubSpot’s INBOUND, the Gardner Manufacturing Marketer blog, and other podcasts focused on B2B marketing and technology.

Episode 226

Finding Opportunity Against Larger Competition

Featuring Amy Cooper, VP of Sales and Marketing at Atlas Carbon

So many marketers are battling behemoth competition in their industries. So how does David arm themselves against Goliath? Amy Cooper of Atlas Carbon has found some particularly excellent stones to put in your sling. Amy works in an industry that is heavily influenced by regulation and legislation, meaning the competition is deeply entrenched. Still she has found a way to ensure her and Atlas Carbon can carve out their fair share (and maybe a little more), this week on The Kula Ring.

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Episode 224

A Water Treatment Marketer and Top of the Funnel Content Marketing

Featuring Jim Lauria, VP of Sales & Marketing for Mazzei Injector Company

The connection can’t be missed on this one! Funnel, water, see that? Jim Lauria is here to talk about some strategies that have worked well for him and Mazzei around content creation and marketing. Adding value to not only his own company but to Mazzei’s partners as well. Jim brings a ton of knowledge and experience on what content looks like done right, and how an AI will never replace the human touch.

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Episode 223

Marketing, Social Media, and Community: The Great Divide

Featuring Peter Hedger, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Composite Applications Group

We have all caught ourselves thinking about what the world has become, or what comes next for us. This week we are talking to Peter Hedger, who has put some concerted effort into understanding this conundrum. As a B2B manufacturing marketer he has some key insights into what might be coming next for us marketers. In a world saturated with social media and pandemic fallout Peter thinks community is going to be more important than ever.

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Episode 222

Decoding Manufacturing Marketing for Non-Marketers

Featuring Suzi McNicholas, Director of Marketing and Transformation at Johnson Controls.

As marketers, the conversation invariably comes up: “what do you actually do?” Sometimes, that conversation leads to non-marketers putting in their two-cents on the process. Suzi McNicholas, Director of Marketing and Transformation at Johnson Controls, tells us that this is because everyone is a consumer of something and has been marketed to at some point. In this episode, Suzi helps explain what makes B2B marketing in a manufacturing context unique.

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Episode 221

Niche Markets, Long Sales Cycles, and the Ebb of Email and Print

Featuring Kevin Summ, Director of Marketing at Anguil Environmental

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Kevin Summ gives us a peek into marketing a niche, high-value product with a lengthy sales cycle. From multinational hurdles to the ubiquitous love of stickers, we get into the nitty-gritty of how Anguil Environmental stays a partner to their clients. Kevin also discusses the diminishing presence of email and print strategies in their field.

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Episode 220

Why Sustainable Product Innovation Should Serve Your Customer’s Supply Chain

Featuring Sylvain Marseille, VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Pelton Shepherd

In this episode of The Kula Ring, Sylvain Marseille, VP of Marketing and New Product Development at Pelton Shepherd shares why understanding the pain points along a customer’s whole supply chain is essential when innovating a new sustainable product. He discusses the importance of a long term vision when it comes to developing sustainable products and why your actions should be driven by what the customer needs to build a stronger brand.

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Episode 218

How A Robotic Forklift Company Markets Online To Manufacturers

Featuring Rob Patey, Global Director of Marketing for BALYO

BALYO is a global manufacturer of autonomous robotic forklifts. In this episode of The Kula Ring, Jeff and Carman sit down with BALYO’s Global Marketing Director, Rob Patey, to discuss what makes marketing in manufacturing unique. They also talk about the challenges of digital marketing for manufacturing companies, the best way to find and reach customers online, and what sets BALYO apart.

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