Building Enhanced Customer Experiences

At Kula, our web development expertise is deeply intertwined with our strategic marketing know-how. We have a deeper understanding of why things are built the way they are, and why certain approaches are best-in-class. We take a multi-pronged approach to making sure your site performs—going beyond the basics of SEO best practice. Our interfaces are fast—built with clean, semantic code so they’re quick to load and a delight to use on every device and browser.

On top of building a web presence that ranks, we also build digital experiences that convert.

On top of building a web presence that ranks, we also build digital experiences that convert—understanding what it takes to drive lead flow and grow pipeline while enhancing your digital brand narrative. As part of our prioritization of the customer experience, accessibility is never an afterthought—everything we build is built to be experienced by every user as a matter of common courtesy and respect.

Experts in Manufacturing Marketing Tech Integrations

The simple fact is that in today’s manufacturing marketing reality, many of the enhanced digital experiences we seek to deploy on behalf of prospects and customers alike are dependent upon sophisticated, complex technical integrations. When the going gets tough and the integration requirements of your martech stack have moved beyond out-of-the-box connectors, that’s exactly when our integration expertise shines. We regularly develop and deploy integration solutions that synchronize marketing, sales, service, and product management functions to deliver the integrated infrastructure you need to drive higher performing marketing campaigns and sales experiences. 

Powerful Tools to Meet Complex Martech Demands

Marketing Automation and CRMs

  • Connect your CRM and marketing automation platforms with each other and your other tools
  • Give your team access to the right data, in the right platform, in the right format

Account- Based Marketing (ABM) Experience Platforms

  • Reach more of your niche audience with precisely targeted ABM campaigns
  • Gain a greater understanding of your lead flow for more sophisticated reporting and improved performance

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • Establish your PIM as the single source of truth 
  • Boost efficiency by managing your e-commerce and/or product data from one place

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Integrate with your ERPs to pull in product, customer, and company data
  • Streamline operations by syncing the details from online orders with your ERP automatically

Ecommerce Built Right for B2B Manufacturers

Ecommerce for B2B manufacturers means more than throwing up a few product descriptions and a standard shopping cart checkout online. This is the world of complex transaction scenarios, often leveraging multiple fulfillment locations, distribution channels, and connected checkout processes transacting both on-account and via payment gateways. Often, sophisticated and customized buying experiences are deployed at an account level, surfacing priority solutions and SKUs coupled with customized pricing arrangements. This is the ecommerce world we know—delivering and managing integrated, conversion-optimized buying experiences built for today’s B2B manufacturing buyers.

Kula Partners gave direction on marketing tech stack recommendations and implemented a full website design overhaul. Serving the account were well-rounded marketing agency advisors that quickly learned our complex and technical offering. Together, we focused on the customer journey with a conversion mindset. It was a pleasure to work with Kula’s team and we appreciated their support to help us go faster.

Sean Buda

VP of Marketing, KCF Technologies



I’m Jesse Mawhinney, Vice President at Kula Partners. If you are looking for help from a team of strategic developers who specialize in customized digital solutions for B2B manufacturers, contact me today. I’ll review your message, do some research about your organization, and reach out to book a call.