C-Therm Technologies Ltd. manufactures thermal conductivity instruments for R&D, quality control, and on-line production monitoring across a range of global industries. C-Therm experienced a dip in organic and paid search performance and engaged Kula Partners to identify opportunities to optimize predictable, high-quality, lead-generating search traffic.

First, we delivered a comprehensive Search Diagnostic which identified the top opportunities for organic search improvement on their website and priorities for their paid search program—tied together by an overarching recommended approach to keyword selection that would ensure the highest signal:noise search traffic in their niche category.

Next, based on our recommended approach, we collaborated with C-Therm on developing SEO-focused content that tells the story of their pioneering role in developing thermal conductivity instrumentation and connecting this new content to related product offerings, whitepapers, webinars, and other resources.

We overhauled their Google Ads paid search program by implementing a new strategy and providing ongoing maintenance and optimization. Our paid search strategy produced a 73% increase in click through rates, reduced the cost per click by 70%, and reduced the cost per acquisition by 62%.

Additionally, C-Therm was collecting a high volume of leads through webinars and whitepapers and their sales team did not have a system for qualifying them. We provided marketing technology consulting and recommended Partdot for its native integration with their existing CRM, Salesforce. We developed an automated lead scoring and nurturing system to nurture leads toward sales-readiness and help C-Therm’s sales team prioritize the most engaged leads for contact.

Other Projects

Image of Ascenta Health

Ascenta Health

A North American leader in premium Omega-3 health supplements, we reimagined Ascenta’s online presence, evolving their site to an inbound ecommerce powerhouse. In its first year, the revised platform racked up serious traffic, engagement and sales gains on the way to a major acquisition.

Image of Essex Active

Essex Active

Essex Active is a premier provider of fabrication and conversion services within the Superior Essex family of companies. Essex Active engaged Kula to develop a comprehensive ManuMark™ Site Planning strategy which would be used to guide the creation of a new, standalone Essex Active website. We delivered full-funnel and competitive research, site architecture and SEO recommendations, creative platform development, website design strategy, concept development and creative direction, design standards development, and comprehensive user story development to guide the build.


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