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Start delivering personalized marketing messages to your prospects at the moments that matter most

Deliver more personalized, relationship-based experiences to your prospects with advanced marketing automation strategies. Leveraging the power of leading platforms, we can help you take advantage of the latest in marketing automation across the entire customer lifecycle.

At the centre of every great inbound marketing strategy, there’s a powerful marketing automation platform. Using HubSpot’s robust suite of marketing automation tools, we can help you implement your own great inbound marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

The thing is, many organizations simply do not have the bandwidth or in-house expertise to take advantage of the full breadth of capabilities and features offered by today’s marketing technology.

In fact, a recent study revealed that adoption of advanced marketing automation features remains low. Only 38% of companies using a marketing automation platform actually take advantage of advanced tactics such as progressive profiling.

Leveraging advanced marketing automation features and platform integrations, we can help you apply marketing automation across the entire customer lifecycle—from lead generation and customer onboarding to customer success and retention.

Automated Email Workflows

Automated email marketing workflows continue to be one of the most effective ways to nurture leads. Depending on the specific business goals you want to achieve, we will help you take advantage of marketing automation tactics like personalized auto-responder emails, behaviour-triggered workflows, and persona-driven lead nurturing sequences.

Marketing Personalization

Leveraging HubSpot’s suite of interconnected tools, we use real-time marketing data to provide relevant and contextual experiences for your website visitors, subscribers, and sales prospects. Beyond simple email personalization, HubSpot’s Smart Content features mean that personalization can be extended to landing pages, website pages, calls-to-action, and even social media interactions.

Progressive Profiling

The more you know about your leads, the more informed your marketing messaging can be. Progressive profiling allows you to control which questions appear on landing page forms based on what you already know about a lead. Rather than asking the same form questions over and over, each subsequent conversion will allow you to collect valuable new information about a prospect.

As a part of a monthly Inbound Marketing Services Agreement, we can work with you to implement progressive profiling across your website and landing pages. In doing so, we can improve both the quality and quantity of inbound leads generated. This is accomplished by identifying the proper qualification questions to include in forms by testing the optimal form length and continually working to improve form conversion rates across your website.

List Segmentation

Leveraging HubSpot’s Smart List features, we can help you segment your contact database to strategically target specific groups of leads and customers. Smart Lists allow us to send highly-targeted emails to specific groups of prospects based on criteria such as their lifecycle stage, geography, social media interactions, or any other contact data field in HubSpot. The combinations of criteria you can use to create HubSpot Smart Lists are endless.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method for ranking prospects based on their level of perceived sales-readiness and potential value for your organization. The numeric lead score that each prospect receives can be based on any number of criteria, including recent browsing activity, landing page submissions, company profile data, social media interactions, or email engagement. We will help you implement lead scoring for your organization by identifying the conversion actions, company profile criteria, and browsing behaviour that indicates when leads are nearing sales-readiness.

Advanced Personalization

If you choose to build your website in HubSpot COS, you’ll have access to some of the most powerful marketing personalization features available. With HubSpot’s Smart Content features, you can deliver content specifically tailored to where a prospect is in the buying process, or based on their previous browsing behavior. We can help you take advantage of these advanced Smart Content features to deliver truly relationship-driven marketing experiences for your website visitors, sales prospects, and customers.

When used properly, marketing automation can enrich the experience of your visitors, helping to convert them into customers and retain their business. By delivering the personalized touch that marketing automation provides, you will begin to build relationships with customers that last a lifetime. To implement marketing automation into your business, contact us today.  

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