PPC Management Services

Fine tune your targeting, increase your reach and get more high quality leads in your pipeline with professional PPC management services

Our disciplined, results-focused approach to paid search means less pay-per-click waste in your Google AdWords campaigns and more, better-qualified leads in your pipeline. Rigorous split-testing and analysis based on actual results keep the results of your paid search program continuously on the rise, all while driving down your cost-per-acquisition.

Over the years, we have developed a wealth of knowledge managing and optimizing our clients’ PPC campaigns. We believe that PPC can play a significant and important role in almost every inbound marketing strategy. That’s why we leverage PPC as a way to drive immediate results for your organization. By owning your keywords, you’ll be able to develop a strong combination of PPC and organic traffic, resulting in improved click-through rates across the board. In addition, we make certain your PPC ads include sales-ready copy, ensuring traffic, leads, and customers who are ready to convert have a clear path to do so.

If you want to learn more about our PPC process and the results we can deliver, we’d happy to chat about how we could help you grow your business.

Keyword Research & Refinement

As we begin to work with new clients, we start by conducting research about your business, products, services, industry, competitors, and—of course—your buyer personas. This initial strategy development work helps to inform the keywords that we identify and the areas of opportunity that we choose to pursue.

With this information, we then analyze your current PPC efforts, examine how your competitors are using PPC, and perform in-depth research on relevant and cost-efficient keywords.

The outcome of this keyword research and refinement work will be a focused list of profitable keywords to target, as well as suggestions on how you can optimize your current PPC campaigns.

Ad Copywriting

High performing ads don’t just happen by accident—they are the result of a focused strategy and great execution. Our team of digital marketing strategists and copywriters work hand-in-hand to deliver highly engaging ads that boost clicks and conversions. One way we accomplish this is by split testing all our ads. By rotating two ads evenly or using Google’s experiments feature, we can determine which headlines perform better, or which copy leads not only to more clicks, but more conversions.

Campaign Setup

Based on the PPC strategy we have identified, our team can set up (or, in some cases, reconfigure) your PPC campaigns to ensure they are taking full advantage of features like ad groups, dynamic keyword insertion, and remarketing lists. At this time, we also develop PPC-specific landing pages using HubSpot’s inbound marketing software suite. With HubSpot’s Ads add-on offering beginning to end PPC lead data, we are able to easily monitor, report, and optimize the ROI of every PPC campaign in near real-time with great accuracy.

Ongoing Management and Optimization

We constantly monitor and optimize your PPC campaigns to improve your quality scores by providing better, more useful ads to your customers. You can rely on our team of PPC experts to manage and adjust bids, identify keywords, split test ad copy, optimize PPC landing pages, and continuously improve the ROI of your investment in PPC.

PPC marketing is integral for drawing the attention of your potential customers online. By implementing a smart PPC marketing strategy, you will capture sales-ready leads, grow your customer base, and increase online sales and revenue. To learn more about PPC marketing and how we Kula Partners can help you, contact us today.

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