The Kula Ring is a podcast for manufacturing marketers who care about evolving their strategy to gain a competitive edge. Listen to conversations with North America’s top manufacturing marketing executives and get actionable advice for success in a rapidly transforming industry.

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How We Help Manufacturers Win

We help leading manufacturers win by helping them develop their most significant strategic advantage: getting better at marketing into niche categories.

If you’re like most B2B manufacturers, you serve several niches. And for you, growth is going to come either from performing better within your existing niches or identifying and competing in new niches. Either way, getting good at growth as a manufacturing marketer means getting good at marketing within niches.

It’s time to fall in love with niche.

Marketing Strategy

Identify strategic opportunities and create a roadmap to building your brand, growing pipeline, and influencing buyers.

ABM for Manufacturers

Launch, manage, and scale precision ABM campaigns that maximize engagement with your ideal prospects and existing customers.


Bring your brand to life with confidence and clarity across all channels and at every interaction with your prospects and customers.


Create high-performance, user-centric digital experiences integrated across your entire technology stack, including ecommerce and internal platforms.


Our team of cross-functional experts in marketing strategy, design, and development works with leading manufacturers to identify and exploit opportunities within niche categories.

We work with leading manufacturers to align their marketing and sales strategies with the buying journeys that are specific to their niche.

Conventional B2B marketing wisdom is often developed by and for SaaS companies that have very little in common with manufacturers selling into a finite pool of prospects. We employ our broad manufacturing expertise to help you drive targeted growth and accelerate revenue generation in your niche.

We do this by aligning revenue teams around common objectives. By digging deeper into the decision-making dynamics of buying committees and creating better digital experiences for today’s B2B purchasers. Whether you’re marketing to distributors, dealer networks, or end users, we help you build strategic assets that support more buyers, buying in different ways, with very different expectations of how a sales process should unfold.

Webinar: The B2B Manufacturer’s Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Watch Time: 60 mins

Topic: Account-Based Marketing

Type: Webinars

ABM Plan Example for B2B Manufacturers

Read Time: 5 mins

Topic: Account-Based Marketing, Digital Marketing

Who We Work For

The manufacturers we work with best are interested in creating a foundation for growth and ongoing improvement. They know they have a strong value proposition that will resonate with underserved markets, and they know that the accounts they can sell to aren’t unlimited. They’re the organizations that want to remove the barriers that divide marketing, sales, and customer service to deliver an elevated and intelligent buying journey. 

We work with manufacturers that sell via channel partners, distributors and wholesalers, direct sales, ecommerce, or any combination of these; all targeting modern B2B buyers and a purchase process that is increasingly complex and online.  They have teams that are willing to focus on optimizing revenue instead of generating irrelevant leads. They’ve seen some success in a specific vertical or other niche category and are ready to double down on what works, driven by the insight that lies beneath their customer and prospect data.

If this sounds like your organization, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and how we could work together.

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On the ball and responsive, with personality! Kula has been wonderful to work with. Their entire team is on the ball and focused on customer success. Not only have they taught us about inbound marketing, they have inspired us to grow and explore. Kula has been responsive to our questions and have worked with other parties on our behalf to provide unique solutions to our specialized issues. Would not hesitate to refer Kula Partners to a friend or colleague.

Emmerson Packaging

Stephen Emmerson


I’m Jesse Mawhinney, Vice President at Kula Partners. If you’re ready to develop a better understanding of the strategic opportunities for your business and carve a path to action, contact me today. I’ll review your message, do some research about your organization, and reach out to book a call.