Episode 259

Cracking the Code: The Power of Proper ABM Strategy and Buyer Understanding

Chris Moody

Featuring Chris Moody, Head of GTM Thought Leadership at Demandbase.

October 31, 2023

This week on The Kula Ring, we are having a chat with Chris Moody from Demandbase. We talk about a lot of stuff! Chris is very knowledgeable in the ABM space and walks us through some of the tools that we can use to get more out of our ABM efforts. If this episode is something you are into and you want to hear more exactly like it, you can catch these three having another chat on Demandbase’s SunnySide Up podcast!

Episode 254

Tips for Piloting Account-Based Marketing for B2B Manufacturers

Taylor Narewski

Featuring Taylor Narewski, Global Marketing and Communications Director, at ARCA

September 26, 2023

Like many B2B manufacturers, ARCA sells to a small number of very specific niche markets. Targeting a small list of banks and credit unions who could benefit from ARCA’s cash automation and recycling solutions, their marketing team crafted highly personalized one-to-one account-based marketing campaigns and successfully generated awareness and opportunities within key accounts. Learn how ARCA successfully piloted ABM on this week’s episode of The Kula Ring podcast.

Episode 248

Bridging the Organizational Data Gap to Build Better Decision-Making Tools

Ryan Knox

Featuring Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital

August 15, 2023

This week on the Summer Spotlight Series we are digging into data and exploring technology to undercover insights in your organization. We are featuring Ryan Knox, Co-founder of Bridge Digital explores the use of digital tools to create efficiency in all areas of an organization from IT, Marketing, Sales, and more. He discusses the benefits of extracting data vs. using specific tools to help organizations get results that helps them do their job better and the importance of creating excitement for internal change when implementing new technologies. Give this one a listen, it was great the first time and it is great this time!

Episode 246

OKR Alignment is Critical for Successful Marketing Strategies

Matt Canter

Featuring Matt Canter, the Director of Marketing at Greenfield Global.

August 1, 2023

This week in the Summer Spotlight Series, we are shining our light on Matt Canter and the wonderful conversation we had with him! We talked about objectives and key results methodology he used while at Greenfield Global. With Matt’s diverse background we get a well rounded look at the methods he describes. Utilizing automation and efficient systems with deep organizational alignment, Matt shares his successes. Whether you heard it then or it is new, you can learn something from this chat!

Episode 244

Brewing up Change: Teaching Your Customer Base How to Diversify

Ashlei Urwiller

Featuring Ashlei Urwiller, Marketing Manager at Norland International.

July 18, 2023

We got a chance to chat with Ashlei Urwiller from Norland International this week on the show. Which led to a few first on The Kula Ring! Ashlei and Norland are doing some interesting work in their marketing efforts that include broadening what their customers can do. We also talked about how Norland puts their own products to work for themselves, leading to a fantastic understanding of what their customers need in the field. This is a good one folks!

Episode 226

Finding Opportunity Against Larger Competition

Amy Cooper

Featuring Amy Cooper, VP of Sales and Marketing at Atlas Carbon

March 14, 2023

So many marketers are battling behemoth competition in their industries. So how does David arm themselves against Goliath? Amy Cooper of Atlas Carbon has found some particularly excellent stones to put in your sling. Amy works in an industry that is heavily influenced by regulation and legislation, meaning the competition is deeply entrenched. Still she has found a way to ensure her and Atlas Carbon can carve out their fair share (and maybe a little more), this week on The Kula Ring.

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