Carman Pirie Principal

Carman Pirie is the co-founder of Kula Partners, Canada’s first HubSpot Platinum inbound marketing agency. In addition to leading Kula Partners, Carman regularly speaks on the changing world of marketing, technology and organizational culture. Most of all, he advocates a “People Matter, Objects Don’t” approach to creating marketing that people love and a more human approach to the world of work.

Over his two decades in marketing and communications, Carman’s career has taken him from the halls of Canada’s Parliament to various client-side and agency-side marketing roles. At Kula Partners, Carman serves as lead marketing and sales counsel to the firm’s diverse range of North American clients, hailing everywhere from San Francisco to St. John’s.

His unique insights and distaste for the ordinary have earned him a Gold Award for Media Innovation from Marketing Magazine and, recently, Kula Partners was recognized as the top lead generator among HubSpot partner agencies.

When not working, Carman is an avid gardener in addition to always being happy to serve as Kula’s barista.

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  • HubSpot Inbound Certification

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