Custom Web Development

Turn your back of napkin concepts for interactive content offers and custom web apps into digital reality

Do you stay awake at night dreaming of the perfect business app, HubSpot integration or interactive content offer? If so, our team of HubSpot Certified web designers and developers can help you turn your back of napkin concepts into digital reality.

Our Custom Web Development Services

As one of the most technically savvy inbound marketing agencies in the HubSpot Partner Program, clients—and even friendly competitors—turn to us for help building custom web applications. We’ve built everything from HubSpot powered ROI calculators and solutions finders to interactive content and advanced integrations.

We like to say, “If you can dream it, our team can build it.” And we aren’t just blowing smoke. Our team has been recognized for being on the forefront of interactive content offers and for driving innovation on the HubSpot platform.

As Pete Caputa, HubSpot’s VP of Sales & Partner Program Founder said: “Ever since they joined the program in 2012, the Kula team has excelled at not just driving results for clients using the inbound methodology, but fostering creativity and innovation on the HubSpot platform as well.”

HubSpot Powered Interactive Content Offers

Often times clients seek us out for help developing innovative ways to deliver interactive content that supports their lead generation efforts. Over the last few years, we have built a number of interactive content offers that are integrated with the HubSpot platform. The best part? From a results perspective, these interactive content offers quite often convert traffic and leads at a much higher percentage than downloadable content offers like whitepapers and eBooks.

Cost / ROI Calculators

Cost and ROI calculators are two fairly simple, but tremendously useful, forms of interactive content. As most salespeople know, price is always a major purchase consideration, no matter if you are shopping for personal electronics or enterprise software.

We have found that these types of interactive calculators can be useful for just about every type of business. One example is a complex SIM cost calculator for cellular machine-to-machine communications company, Aeris Communications. We’ve also built simple payment calculators for an Atlantic Canadian orthodontist.

Product Recommendation Engines

Product recommendation engines are another increasingly popular form of interactive content. With these types of content offers visitors input their personal preferences, which might include criteria like preferred colour, taste, price or intended use, and the system programmatically makes a recommendation based on their personal criteria. From a lead generation perspective, we capture all of the user’s preferences and record this information in HubSpot, which can then be used by your sales reps for follow up.

Again, this type of interactive content can be applied for a wide variety of use cases. We have built interactive product recommendation tools that help website visitors choose everything from the hot tub that best fits their lifestyle, to the model of two-way radio that will suit the needs of a business.

Solutions Finders

Similar to product recommendation tools, solutions finders help website visitors understand the selection of products and/or services that best suit their needs. For instance, we recently built a Solutions Finder for Eastlink – a national telecommunications company. The tool helps their business customers select the combination of phone, internet, and mobile services that meets their requirements.

Custom HubSpot Integrations

Research shows that gaining a single view of customer and enabling closed-loop reporting are two major priorities for marketers this year. If you are looking for ways to integrate your various business tools and there aren’t any off the shelf integrations available, we can help. Leveraging the HubSpot API, we can build custom integrations to bring your marketing, sales and revenue data together.

If you have a great idea for an interactive content offer, a custom integration, or anything HubSpot related for that matter, please send us a note. We’d be glad to arrange an initial discussion to hear more about your goals and chat about how we can make your idea become a digital reality.

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