Custom eCommerce design and development for growth-focused online retailers

If you want to run a successful eCommerce business, you need to not only have a dependable website that is powered by scalable software platforms, but you need a team of experts that can bring together all of the moving pieces, make them all run smoothly and maintain the system over time.

Our eCommerce Development Services

Unlike most other eCommerce agencies who focus solely on eCommerce design and development, we can help you build a scalable eCommerce system. In addition, we are also able to execute inbound marketing strategies designed to attract sales-ready traffic and convert that traffic into revenue.

We have experience using a wide assortment of eCommerce development services, including WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Stripe, and more. Regardless of the platform, in most cases we look to integrate our clients eCommerce platform with HubSpot. Once we have established a connection to HubSpot, we can take advantage of a number of advanced marketing features including personalized email campaigns, remarketing, abandoned cart nurturing, closed-loop analytics and revenue attribution.

Many eCommerce agencies will fire your content into a generic online store template and call it a day, but that is certainly not how we do things. We choose to build each website completely bespoke so you can have the utmost flexibility and control over architecture, visual design, functionality and performance.

Our team of web designers and developers have a thorough understanding of the most up-to-date user experience design trends and today’s eCommerce web standards. Each element of our client’s eCommerce websites, from the page layouts, to the shopping cart experience is considered as we work towards the shared goal of creating the most beautiful, intuitive and results-driven shopping experience possible.

Finding the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Business

There a diverse collection of eCommerce solutions in the marketplace today—each of which has its own distinct set of benefits. At Kula Partners, we’ve worked with nearly all of them, and can offer tailored insight on the best eCommerce solution available based on your specific needs. Once we decide on your eCommerce platform, we can integrate your solution with HubSpot. With this integration enabled, we are able to take advantage of closed-loop analytics and personalized shopping cart abandonment recovery workflows. We have built eCommerce sites that integrate with HubSpot for health supplement manufacturers, hot tub and pool companies, speciality liquor stores, and more.

Abandoned Cart Nurturing

As far as purchasing signals go, abandoned shopping carts are giant red flags – you know exactly what the potential customer is considering purchasing, you just need to give them a little bit more motivation to complete the order. Research has shown that optimized email campaigns that re-engage shoppers after they have abandoned a cart can more than double eCommerce conversions. Our team can work with you to create, test and optimize personalized abandoned shopping cart recovery email campaigns. Most often, we do this by integrating your eCommerce platform with HubSpot so we can take advantage of HubSpot’s powerful list segmentation, email marketing and marketing automation features.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are vital for any sales focused website, but they are even more paramount for eCommerce sites. Each increase (or decrease) in your online store’s conversion rate can have a direct impact on revenue. Working together, we will conduct A/B and Multivariate tests, analyze the results and apply our learnings to make conversion-centered design iterations to continually optimize your eCommerce store’s design and overall customer experience.

Let us put the Right Ecommerce Solutions to Work for You

Our team of web designers and developers have a thorough understanding of current user experience design trends and eCommerce web standards. Each element of our clients’ eCommerce websites—from the product page layouts to the checkout experience—is carefully considered as we work toward the shared goal of creating the most beautiful, intuitive, and results-driven shopping experience possible.

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Trevor Barbrick

“Our eCommerce sites are designed to convert. We take the time to learn about your customers and develop a personalized experience that meets their needs. Most importantly, our eCommerce sites are completely scalable, so as you grow, they can grow with you.”

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