Fatal Flaws of the Funnel: Why B2B Manufacturers Must Take a People-Centered Approach to Sales & Marketing

For modern B2B sellers, the traditional funnel model is flawed. Learn how to forget the funnel and take a people-centered approach to sales & marketing.

A funnel is thrown into a trash bin

How to Make Your Manufacturer’s Trade Show Presence More Impactful & Measurable

Discover how manufacturers can integrate digital tactics in trade show marketing to earn more leads and make participation more measurable.

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The Kula Ring Brings Onsite Podcasting to ManufacturED 2019

The Kula Ring podcast is pleased to be the official Media Sponsor of ManufacturED 2019, happening September 16-18, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.


Kula Partners Releases Synchrostack: the Integration Platform that Connects WooCommerce to Anything

Kula Partners announces the release of Synchrostack, a proprietary integration platform which helps businesses using WooCommerce—the most popular ecommerce platform on the web—connect ecommerce with their entire tech stack.

Synchrostack Logo

Designing Manufacturing Websites for Everyone & Avoiding Accessibility Lawsuits

Do you know if your manufacturing website can be easily accessed by someone with a disability? Learn how to better serve your customers and avoid accessibility lawsuits.

Blind person using computer with braille keyboard

The QSP Trap & How Manufacturers Can Achieve Effective Brand Differentiation

Is your brand victim to the most common brand positioning trap that captures manufacturers? Find out and learn how to achieve effective brand differentiation in the process.

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5 Can’t-Miss Sessions at Unilog’s EVOLVE 2019 Conference

Attending Unilog’s EVOLVE 2019 Conference in New Orleans? We’re looking forward to these 5 talks about ecommerce for distributors and manufacturers.

Unilog conference evolve 2019

21 Tips for Creating a High-Performing International Manufacturing Website

International manufacturers face a number of unique challenges online. Learn 21 tips to help your manufacturing website succeed.

tips for international manufacturing websites

Top Manufacturing Executives Talk Digital Transformation on New Marketing Podcast

Kula Partners has launched The Kula Ring: a podcast made for manufacturing marketers by manufacturing marketers.


The API Approach

How deep digital integration changes the game for manufacturers, distributors, and the marketers who love them.

The API Approach

Actionable Marketing Advice for Manufacturers

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