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The B2B Awareness-Action Gap: Why So Many Industrial Marketers Get Paid Search Keywords Wrong

Topic: Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC Management

Type: Google Ads, Paid Search

Paid search can be a powerful lead-generation tactic for manufacturers and other industrial B2B organizations. Over the last decade-plus, we’ve seen properly executed paid search programs deliver over 1000X return on ad spend and generate millions of dollars in pipeline value. We’ve also seen a lot of industrial marketers get it wrong. And usually, that’s […]

How to Make Your Manufacturer’s Trade Show Presence More Impactful & Measurable

Topic: Digital Marketing, Events, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

This article was originally published on the Gardner Business Media Marketing Blog. Attending and sponsoring trade shows and other events has been an effective marketing tactic for manufacturers for a long time. These events give you the opportunity to meet new contacts, generate leads, engage with the industry, and put your brand’s best foot forward.  However, […]

Finding Your Buyers

Topic: Digital Marketing, Inbound Sales, Insights, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

Who are we creating for? It’s the question that smart marketers ask before beginning almost anything—from strategy development to website redesigns. And while Buyer Personas are more commonplace now as a tool marketers use in answering this question, nowadays, the answer is a bit more complex than it used to be. We know the B2B […]

Back to Basics: Getting your Digital Marketing Fundamentals Right

Topic: Digital Marketing, Insights, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

I played basketball as a kid. And from a young age, I remember my coach always stressing the fundamentals: set shot, layup, dribbling, bounce pass, etc. Get the basics right, and expand from there. He hated the fade away jump shot… he would yell: “Too complicated, stick to the basics!”. He was right. Here’s the […]

Inbound Marketing Strategy: 3 Things Your ROI Analysis is Missing

Topic: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

It seems like ever since Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” marketers have had to work overtime to prove the ROI of their marketing efforts. As an inbound marketer, you already know the power of customer attribution and closed-loop […]

Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Counts on Great Social Selling

Topic: Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Lead Generation, Social Media

Type: Articles & Guides

According to data recently released in the 2017 State of Inbound, social selling is rapidly gaining traction as a critical component of any B2B inbound marketing strategy. With interest on the rise, salespeople and the inbound marketers who support them want to learn more about the potential benefits of social selling, as well as how to […]

Account Based Marketing (ABM): A Primer

Topic: Business Strategy, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

If you offer a product or service that requires a very defined type of buyer, chances are you should be marketing your product or service with just as much focus. High-value accounts that are qualified to purchase your product may deserve more of your undivided attention—perhaps to the point that you individually tailor your tactics […]

4 Ways to Make Business Development Strategies More Human

Topic: Business Strategy, Inbound Sales, Lead Generation

Type: Articles & Guides

Your leads are armed with more information than ever, and they’re often savvy enough to do the research required to make a decision before they make first contact with your organization. So what does that mean for you when you’re trying to attract and nurture leads and win more customers? And how do you set […]


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