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Kula Partners Releases Synchrostack: the Integration Platform that Connects WooCommerce to Anything

Topic: Business Strategy, Development

Type: Articles & Guides

Halifax-based digital agency Kula Partners today announced the release of Synchrostack, a proprietary integration platform which helps businesses using WooCommerce—the most popular ecommerce platform on the web—connect ecommerce with their entire tech stack. Synchrostack is marketed beyond Kula Partners’ manufacturing focus and is borne out of the demand for savvy ecommerce businesses to be able […]

Designing Manufacturing Websites for Everyone & Avoiding Accessibility Lawsuits

Topic: Business Strategy, Design, Development, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

I’ll start with a question: do you know if your website can easily be accessed and used by someone with a disability? Many marketers don’t know that guidelines exist for developing an accessible website, let alone that if their website is not designed and maintained to be accessible by people with disabilities, that they’re actually […]

21 Tips for Creating a High-Performing International Manufacturing Website

Topic: Business Strategy, Design, Development, Digital Marketing

Type: Articles & Guides

Manufacturers face a number of unique challenges when it comes to their websites. There are factors that typically make manufacturing websites different, such as B2B ecommerce, or dealer and distributor models. Manufacturing websites, perhaps more than sites in any other industry, serve as a critical piece of your buyer’s journey. No one is a better authority […]

The API Approach

Topic: Development, Insights

Type: Articles & Guides

“We’re taking an API approach and working more with our partners who want to go there.” That was the quote that stuck with me after listening to a senior marketing executive from Schneider Electric a few weeks back. I had been in Chicago for three days, participating in a panel discussion and taking in a […]

10 Components of effective website design

Topic: Design, Development

Type: Articles & Guides

Deciding on a design is one of the most exciting and challenging parts of a website development project. The design has to simultaneously bring functionality to life and showcase your content all while supporting your marketing and communications goals. Successful web design can have a positive impact on your website’s ability to attract and hold […]

Five reasons responsive design is better than a mobile website

Topic: Design, Development

Type: Articles & Guides

At Kula, we’ve been developing responsive websites for well over two years. Back then, your options for taking your site mobile were to either build a platform-specific app for the App Store, create a mobile specific presence such as a .mobi site, or do nothing and allow the user to try to navigate a site designed for […]


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