10 Reasons you need to start creating an inbound marketing plan now!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who attended the Halifax Inbound Marketing Week Event! It was great to see such a wonderful group of sales and marketing professionals from many of Atlantic Canada’s most promising startups and enterprise organizations.

Following the event many of you mentioned how inspiring Greg Poirier’s presentation on Inbound Marketing in Action was, and frankly we couldn’t agree more. To help you absorb all of the valuable lessons from Greg’s presentation we have outlined the key-take-aways from his talk.

Whether you were unable to attend, or you were in attendance and would like a quick recap of the event highlights, this post is for you!

1. Inbound Leads are Cheap Leads

Inbound is cost effective – Inbound leads are very cheap leads compared to having a sales person making endless cold calls

2. Inbound Leads Convert More Business

The lead-to-customer close rate is much higher for inbound leads because sales reps can easily identify a prospects potential pain points and sell to them in a more solution focused manner

3. Content Creates Demand

In cases where organizations are creating a new product or service category there may be no existing demand because nothing existed to fill that need. Marketing content helps to educate prospects as to why they need a product or service like you are offering

4. Content Attracts Targeted Traffic

Content is a key driver of targeted website traffic. The more blog posts, social media interactions, landing pages and ebooks that you create the more traffic you will attract.

5. Position Yourself as an Industry Expert

The content that you produce to facilitate the inbound marketing process position you as a subject matter expert. Buyers want to be confident that they are choosing to do business with a true expert.

 6. Clear & Measurable ROI

We have long known that the power of digital marketing is in it’s measurability but now with the help of per contact analytics we can truly measure the ROI of every marketing interaction, channel, tactic and campaign.

7. Higher Value Customers

Inbound marketing contributes to a more productive sales team because sales reps have a deeper understanding of prospects interests and pain points – as a result they can upsell more strategically, shorter sales cycles and generate more revenue per rep.

8. Start From a Better Place

Armed with the detailed lead intelligence gathered during the inbound marketing conversion process, salespeople now have a much deeper understanding of a lead’s pain points, goals and priorities when they go to make the first call.

9. Fingertip Intelligence

By integrating an inbound marketing platform like HubSpot with your CRM of choice, salespeople can see a detailed history of every interaction a lead has had with your organization – every page view, content download, social media interaction and so on.

10. Lead Scoring Focuses Attention

For organizations who are dealing with a large volume of inbound leads Lead Scoring – can help sales rep identify which leads are the most qualified and which leads need further nurturing.

Stop Procrastinating – Start Creating An Inbound Marketing Plan Now!

As Greg so humorously explained, if you think that you will start doing inbound marketing when you need sales, you’re going at it all wrong.

“You don’t just turn on a switch and go WOOOOOOO sales!” – Greg Poirier

It becomes exponentially more difficult to adopt marketing automation with every additional employee you add. You need to start inbound marketing many months in advance of your expected results because the fact of the matter is that it takes time for your content to be indexed by Google and you likely have a sales cycle that is many weeks, if not months, long.

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