5 Cool Responsive Web Design Examples

We’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing responsive web design for quite a while here at Kula Partners. And while our portfolio has some lovely responsive web design examples for your review, I thought you might be interested in seeing some responsive sites that our design team have been liking lately.

Here are 5 cool responsive web design examples that aren’t ours (but maybe we wish they were…) along with a brief description from the Kula design team about why they made the list. 

Build 2012
Sparsely designed and sells hard, resizes in interesting ways.

Boston Globe
Having all this content adjust and flow nicely on small screen is a challenge, but they did a great job here.

A great example of a content heavy site, with lots of images and a different approach to site navigation.

The Great Discontent
Great use of huge photos that also resize into a unique mobile design.

Smashing Magazine
A resource for designers/developers, this site handles ads and content well, keeping the focus on good typography.

Is there a responsive site you’ve been loving lately?

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