5 Inbound website design and development tips

Inbound website design emcompasses a lot more than pretty color palettes, funky fonts and stylish page layouts. The focus of inbound website design is attracting more traffic to your website, converting more leads and providing an improved website experience. When inbound website design is coupled with a well executed inbound marketing strategy, websites are transformed into sales driven, lead generation machines.

No matter if you are looking for a full website redesign or a few quick fixes to drive more inbound leads, these five suggestions will help you get started.

Focus your website content

Content is what attracts visitors to your website, gives your organization credibility, and converts website visitors into leads and customers. The first priority of website content is to provide value to your ideal customer, or buyer personas. Buyer Personas are fictional representations of the people you would ideally like to be visiting your website and ultimately purchasing your product or service. Understanding your buyer persona’s common pain points, objections, and questions will help you create content that attracts customers and promotes higher quality website traffic.

The second priority of website content is to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Improving your website’s SEO, with your buyer personas in-mind, will not only get your website to appear higher in Google’s search results for relevant keywords, but will drive more targeted traffic to your website. The content on your website is the biggest factor in attracting website traffic.

Integrate calls-to-action throughout your website

The goal of inbound marketing is to not only increase the number of people visiting your website, but to also increase the number of inbound leads that you receive. Integrating calls-to-action (CTAs) across your website will improve your website’s lead generation capabilities almost immediately.

The goal of a CTA is to offer the visitor something in exchange for their contact information. Rewards might include a free webinar, a downloadable whitepaper, or a follow on social media. Start by examining the content that exists on each page of your website. What is the purpose of each page? With an inbound focused strategy in-mind you can then craft an offer and call-to-action that aligns properly with each page. A CTA that offers exclusive content will be successful if visitors perceive the information as valuable.

Create specific landing pages

When a website visitors clicks on a call-to-action they are typically directed to a landing page, which is most often composed of:

  • A headline
  • Short description of the offer – whitepaper, webinar, how-to-guide etc
  • A form that collects their contact information

Landing pages are distinctly different from other areas of your website because they focus on one specific subject and only offer one course of action. When the visitor signs up to download exclusive content you gain access to valuable lead intelligence such as their name, contact information and interests.

Offer exclusive content in exchange for contact information

As we have discussed, in order to encourage someone to give you their contact information you need to offer them something valuable. For example, you could offer a free ebook, whitepaper, how to guide or consultation.

More often than not, people are surprised how much existing content they have access to. Do you resell a product or service? As a reseller you likely have access to product or industry whitepapers from your partner. Does your sales team have any one-pagers or sell sheets that they send to leads that request follow up resources? Do you host webinars or events? Any of these resources can be used to encourage website visitors to exchange their contact information for exclusive access.

Align your content production to drive more leads

Once a visitor finds your website and views the content new challenges arise. Ensuring repeat website traffic becomes critical. The website design must promote continued engagement, attracting customers back and nurturing them towards a more sales ready state. This is where on-going inbound marketing production really becomes essential.

In a well-thought-out inbound marketing strategy the subjects that you blog about relate back to the exclusive content you are offering. For example, if you are offering a free whitepaper about the “Top 10 Trends in Agricultural Machinery” you would then write a series of related blog post. These might include:

  • The Rising Trend of Agricultural Field Machinery Automation
  • Tractors and Field Machinery in the Modern Age
  • 5 Innovations that will Change the Face of Agriculture in 2014

At the end of each of these blog post there would be a a call-to-action that encourage readers to download the “Top 10 Trends in Agricultural Machinery” whitepaper.

Employing this strategy ensures that when a blog reader finishes scanning your blog post there is a relevant call-to-action that nurtures them towards a more sales ready state. If a reader doesn’t take action while reading your first blog post, the continuous flow of content from the blog will attract readers back to your website and increase the odds that they will eventually convert on a landing page and become a lead.

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