Social media in the agency business

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Ad agencies everywhere are struggling to find a way forward in the world of social media. Heh… this likely follows a kind of 80/20 rule… where 80% don’t care if agencies are struggling and the other 20% are glad they are. However, if you happen to work at an agency, and you’re trying to bring about change, take a look at this post from Abraham Harrison on nine reasons why agencies don’t get social media (hat tip: Jason Falls). As you read through the list you’ll get a pretty good sense of some of the objections / roadblocks you’re likely to face (pls note… having an answer to #4 will be REALLY helpful).

After you’ve thought of your responses to some of these roadblocks, Seth has some advice for you too.

I’ve found that people rarely support that which they haven’t had a hand in creating… and since many of the people you’re working with helped create what is now the status quo, they have an inherent interest in maintaining it. I’d bet that a good part of your success will likely hinge on how you involve them in a loosely held process to create the next steps together. Being co-creative, with a lot of conversation and persistence, is what it’s likely to take. Enjoy it.

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