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Manufacturing Better Content

In our work with manufacturing marketers, we have found that many struggle with content—what to produce, how much, and how often.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy: 3 Things Your ROI Analysis is Missing

Prove value in your inbound marketing strategy with these often overlooked areas of ROI analysis.

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How To Nail An Inbound-Optimized Website Redesign

Like building a house without a blueprint, redesigning your website without a solid plan can leave you dealing with poor construction, a lack of functionality, and a wasted budget. Learn how to nail an inbound-optimized website redesign with these step-by-step instructions.

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Introducing The Kitoum eBook Premium Template

The Kitoum eBook Premium Template fully embraces mobile-first design principles, allowing users to deliver their high-quality content on flexible web pages that they can view on any device. Discover how it can revolutionize your valuable resources today!

Account Based Marketing (ABM): A Primer

Account Based Marketing is a powerful strategy for capturing high-value leads and nurturing them into customers. Discover why ABM is such a hot marketing topic this year.


The 28 Best Blog Post Ideas: Pro Tips to Bookmark Today

Running out of blog post ideas? We’re sharing our 28 best tips for creating engaging content for your audiences, how to write the right pieces, and what style to pick to keep your readers interested. Check it out here.

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[Press Release] R.I.P.D.F.—Kula Partners Hatches Plot to Kill Outdated PDF Format

We’ve hatched a plot to kill the PDF—and we need your help to get away with it. Find out why PDFs have to go in order for inbound marketing to move forward, and what the alternative is.

Kill the PDF

It’s time for inbound marketers to move beyond PDFs for our most premium online inbound marketing content offers and deliver them as interactive web pages instead. Here’s why you need to kill the PDF.

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Why All Content Marketers Will Love HubSpot’s New Content Curation and Creation Features

Discover how Collect and Composer, two brand new tools from HubSpot, are making it easier than ever for content marketers to create engaging content.

How to accidentally become an inbound marketer – 4 Squashed career dreams that led me to my dream job

There are many paths you can take toward becoming an inbound marketer. Here are few our very own Floyd Peyton took, and the lessons they taught her.

Floyd Peyton

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