Reimagine Your Manufacturing Brand Online: An Introductory Guide

Learn about the best practices for creating or refreshing a manufacturing brand’s visual language or web presence.


Designing Manufacturing Websites for Everyone & Avoiding Accessibility Lawsuits

Do you know if your manufacturing website can be easily accessed by someone with a disability? Learn how to better serve your customers and avoid accessibility lawsuits.

Blind person using computer with braille keyboard

21 Tips for Creating a High-Performing International Manufacturing Website

International manufacturers face a number of unique challenges online. Learn 21 tips to help your manufacturing website succeed.

tips for international manufacturing websites

Designing Websites for Multiple Buyer Personas

Designing a website for multiple buyer personas can feel like a daunting task. Learn the top factors to consider to ensure your site feels custom-made to every visitor.

group of people using devices

How To Nail An Inbound-Optimized Website Redesign

Like building a house without a blueprint, redesigning your website without a solid plan can leave you dealing with poor construction, a lack of functionality, and a wasted budget. Learn how to nail an inbound-optimized website redesign with these step-by-step instructions.

Desktop and laptop computers with a mobile phone on a desk

Introducing The Kitoum eBook Premium Template

The Kitoum eBook Premium Template fully embraces mobile-first design principles, allowing users to deliver their high-quality content on flexible web pages that they can view on any device. Discover how it can revolutionize your valuable resources today!

You Have A New Site… Now What? How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Website Redesign

The actual redesign is only one step of the process when evolving your website. Discover ways to measure the success of your website redesign, and evaluate if it’s driving conversion.

Website Redesign Fundamentals: How to Design Your Site with SEO in Mind

Redesigning your website can result in steep traffic losses if you’re not careful. Discover what steps you can take to make sure your website redesign results in a traffic boost instead.

seo for website redesign

Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Like Your Design

Art is subjective, design is objective. Art exists for itself, design exists to solve a problem. Learn why taking an objective approach to design is the best move for your business to make.

Design sketch book

Considering a Website Redesign? How to Tell If You Should Evolve Your Site or Blow it Up

Is your website in need of an evolution or a revolution? Learn everything you need to know about traditional redesigns, growth driven design, and which is the right choice for your next website redesign project.

Website Redesign layout

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