Inbound Sales

Improving Distributor/Dealer Accountability

Manufacturing marketers working with a distributor or dealer network face unique challenges. Among them is that sinking feeling of frustration we can have as marketers when we know we’re generating leads, but we’re unsure of how they’re being managed after we send them into the dealer network.

Distributor network

Active Buyers: Marketing to the Yes

Focus your marketing by targeting it to those members of the B2B buying committee who are Active Buyers and have a role in saying Yes.

B2B Buying Committee

Finding Your Buyers

Who are we creating for?

It’s the question that smart marketers ask before beginning almost anything—from strategy development to website redesigns.

Buyer inspecting manufacturing facility

Improve Your Sales Team’s Connect Rate with New Leads

Whether you’re nurturing your marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to a lead score trigger before engaging business development, or eagerly vetting everyone in almost real time, there will come a time when the marketing-to-sales transition happens.

MQL at her desk

Inbound Marketing Strategy: Getting Sales and Marketing Tightly Aligned

The State of Inbound 2017 has arrived! In this post, we take a look at the data it compiles on sales and marketing alignment, and provide tips to ensure these essential departments are on the same page.

4 Ways to Make Business Development Strategies More Human

Ditch the cookie-cutter approach to business development! See why making your strategy more human will attract and nurture leads more effectively, and help you win more customers than ever.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Email

As one of the first points of contact with potential customers, successful sales reps need to have a solid understanding of how to craft the perfect email. Learn to use this channel to generate customers here.

Person Writing Sales Emails Drinking Coffee

Inbound sales: It’s not about you

Inbound sales puts the client first, ensuring the best outcomes for everyone. Take the first steps toward the inbound way of selling with this helpful post.

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12 years ago, I started this crazy thing

As Kula turns 12, co-founder Jeff White looks back on how we got here and offers useful advice from the front lines of inbound marketing and web design.

Jeff White

Inbound Marketing for Export Focused Companies

If you are from Nova Scotia you are probably familiar with the Now or Never Report (also now as the Ivany Report) produced by the oneNS Coalition. The report makes it very clear: if Nova Scotia businesses are to be truly successful at growing our economy, they need to focus on exporting.

On Thursday March 5th, we were thrilled to be joined by more than 50 of our region’s brightest sales and marketing professionals for an open discussion about how we can use inbound marketing to increase our province’s national and international exports.

As our guest panel speakers highlighted, with inbound marketing it’s possible to market and sell well beyond our borders without requiring a physical presence outside of the region.


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