Chrysler’s social media road rage

Much has been said about Chrysler’s firing of their social media agency this week after a road rage faux pas by a junior agency staffer. Beyond questions of whether the firing was justified, as organizations build out their social media marketing efforts this story points to a recurring challenge for marketers:

In a world that favors speed (which often comes with increased errors) and, supposedly, authenticity, what happens when someone authentically makes a mistake while being authentic?

The frosted mini-wheat side of me would like to believe that we’ll somehow reach a place where people will understand that there’s a human on the other end of a twitter account, and that said human can indeed be angry at fellow motorists while making a foolish mistake at work all at the same time. Welcome to 2011, etc. However, the wholesome wheatiness side of me finds that rather naive.

What do you think? Will we be seeing such mis-tweets and the like increasingly named as the reason an agency or employment relationship turns sour, or will we grow more tolerant of them?

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