The Really Really Ridiculously Good Kula Partners Internship Program

The search is on! Kula is looking for three misshapen lumps of clay to mould into Inbound Marketing masterminds in our inaugural Kula Inbound Academy, aka The Really Really Ridiculously Good Kula Partners Internship Program.

For such a small city, Halifax is lucky to have a lot of talented marketing, business, communications and public relations students. This concentration of smart folks is pretty unique and we see a lot of untapped potential.

The problem is, despite our wealth of reputable educational institutions, there’s a substantial knowledge gap—Inbound Marketing is rather new, relatively speaking, and is simply not being taught in our post secondary classrooms. At the same time, we strongly believe that Inbound Marketing is the future of our industry and savvy marketers are already making the shift.

It’s a tough world out there- employment opportunities for inexperienced, recent grads can be few and far between. And there’s the classic conundrum: you need to have experience to get a job, but how can you get any experience without a job?

The Kula Inbound Academy is designed to teach students the basics of Inbound Marketing through a series of online classes, workshops and hands on learning. This is your chance to get real world experience and work for your portfolio, as well as a Hubspot certification for inbound marketing.

  • You will work with us to complete the Hubspot Inbound Certification
  • Nine classes covering the basics of inbound marketing methodology, taken on demand at your own pace
  • Complete the HubSpot Inbound Certification test with a minimum grade of 80%
  • Four 1/2 day seminars at Kula Partners where we’ll teach you the fundamentals of inbound marketing
  • Approx. 5-10 hours per week spent working on real inbound marketing content and programs
  • You can work from our office- we have enough vinyl for the most epic of breakdance fights- or you can work from home.

Three lucky applicants will be offered the opportunity to hang out with us for seven weeks and get some tangible experience in the process.

The ideal candidates are 3rd or 4th year university students- although we will consider one year Advanced Diploma students, too- with exceptional writing skills, a passion for learning, and the ability to be creative, strategic thinkers.

Unlike a typical internship, where you toil away “for the experience” (aka for free), we’re offering compensation in the form of a $1,000 bursary.

The deadline for applications is 5:00pm Friday, November 15th, 2013. Apply now!

To learn more about the program download the Kula Inbound Academy curriculum!

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