Pulling people together and giving them something to do

Hardly a day goes by lately where I’m not quoting Mark Earls… author of Herd and, apparently, overall bright guy, etc. I seem to recall Hugh referring to Mark as a “marketing geek’s geek”… which sounds about right.

“All mass behaviour is the result of interacting individuals within a specific context.”

Brilliant stuff, I say.

Basically, we do what we do as humans largely because of what other humans do. Now… this flies in the face of a lot of marketers / business folk who operate under the ‘illusion of linearity’… or, as the always insightful Johnnie Moore might say, the “Rational Man” or “Homo Economicus” way of viewing ourselves.

As we move beyond this linear view of the world towards embracing what Mark et al are suggesting, I continue to find this quite helpful:

Source: Henry Jenkins

And, if you’re not convinced, I offer a couple of examples. Click here. And view this:

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