More evidence in favour of transparency

Diebold, Dow Chemical, Raytheon, the CIA, etc. Yep… they’ve all been exposed as having sanitized or otherwise altered Wikipedia entries for their gain.

Here’s the deal: Nobody can predict exactly where the web is heading. It’s VERY early days yet. All we can seek to do is to collectively explore wise, smart questions that lead us to more discoveries and more smart questions. Where we’re at now – Web 2.0 – has been characterized by a number of people in a variety of ways… and at its core, a pattern that emerges is one of humanness. The web is becoming more human. And as the web becomes more human, it demands more transparency.

As always, this is about choice. Choosing to be in this conversation brings with it an expectation from those already engaged in it – and they expect transparency and openness. Choose wisely.

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