New Killam Properties campaign

Myself and some other folks at Colour have been working with Killam Properties over the past while developing a campaign targeted towards students in an effort to get them to choose Killam for their student housing needs for the fast-approaching school year.

Killam Properties is Atlantic Canada’s largest residential landlord with a portfolio that includes more than 15,000 rental units, with over 8,000 apartment units and over 7,000 MHC sites.

Most of the campaign can be seen by clicking on Landlord Lou’s website. There are also a number of ads – both traditional and online media – driving traffic to the site.

Further, we’ve taken to turning 13” plungers into currency for apartment rentals… find 50 plungers, get a month’s free rent. Find 500, get a year’s free rent. Plungers are popping up throughout Halifax, Fredericton, and Saint John. Here are some videos we’ve done for the campaign. Enjoy.

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