Connecting to each other

In case you missed it, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association released a report yesterday. News reports can be found here and here. Among the findings, wireless use is expected to increase 30% by 2010, and Canadians “texted 4.3 billion times during the first half of this year, the same number sent over the entire year in 2006”.

I expect that many marketers will look at this and say: “Hey, text messaging is where it’s at right now. That’s where ‘they’ are. We need a text messaging strategy!”

I hope they try harder than that.

Of course, this comes at a time when newspapers are fighting for their lives and a fragmented, 500+ channel universe is competing for our attention with diminishing effectiveness. This also happens to come at a time when many of us are actively spending our hard-earned cash on DVRs and satellite radio, just to avoid listening to ads.

The real trend here isn’t wireless use or text messaging. The real trend is that, more and more, we’re choosing not to connect with companies and their messages. Instead, we’re opting to connect with each other.

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