On corporate vs personal blogs

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking about this and I’m wondering what everyone thinks about this. Although this blog is primarily my opinions and understanding of subjects related to design, social media, marketing, branding, technology and the web, I think the posts that are the most successful are the ones that show a little bit of me.

Like when I blogged about our five year anniversary or things we could do better.

The thing is, although design and social media marketing are the focus of my business and one of the things I’m totally passionate about it, it’s not all I’m interested in. I also love talking about:

  • my kids and family
  • cycling
  • cars or as I call mine “transpotainment”
  • the business of running a small company
  • design education
  • tech, gadgets, great experiences

I realize that most people come here because I’m a designer and have become a reasonably proficient blogger, but I think I can offer even more that maybe doesn’t fit the model of a boutique web design shoppe. In the next little while, I’ll begin to spin off the blog so that it has more personality. I don’t want to maintain multiple online presences.

Don’t worry, the focus will still be on the things that matter to my business clients and partners, and I will still try to weave stories that make sense into these posts. But, for many reasons, I think it’s time to use my blog to show more of me.

Does this seem like a good idea, or am I nuts?

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