Peter Piper picked a pack of perfect pitchmen

In a world with HD video as close as your nearest phone, there’s no question that there are fewer technological barriers than ever to producing great web content.

One thing that is often overlooked in the anyone-can-do-it revolution, however, has less to do with the ease of producing content and more with the quality of its production. It’s a lesson that we would do well to learn from our broadcast friends: the host matters.

A huge part of why Sea and Be Scene has been so successful in its first summer is the personality behind it all. Stephanie’s background as a country music artist and a TV host enable her to connect with her audience in a way that moves well beyond the regular diet of corporate droning that so many businesses bring to the web. Another Kula Partners’ client, Welaptega, is demonstrating the powerful difference a good spokesperson can make with a marketing program that seamlessly integrates website content creation with an earned media strategy.

These are not trivial differences – they are key competitive advantages in today’s marketing reality.

Does this mean that every CEO needs to dabble off-broadway before measuring the corner office drapes? Maybe not yet. But, perhaps being able to convincingly extend their spokesperson duties to the creation of compelling web content might be every bit as important for today’s CEO as being able to deliver that crucial board presentation or year-making sales pitch.

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