Quick Tip: Save Time with HubSpot’s Social Publishing Bookmarklet

Savvy inbound marketers share a mix of content on social media – both branded content and content from other industry experts, partners and even competitors. As HubSpot points out, you should treat your social media like being at a cocktail party—you don’t want to be the person in the middle of the room only talking about yourself. The key is to meet others and share stories.

To help marketers share content on the fly HubSpot has created a social sharing bookmarklet – a widget that goes in the bookmark bar of your browser.

The HubSpot Publishing Bookmarklet is designed to help you save time, grow your social media following and measure results.

If you are already a HubSpot customer you are likely familiar with the power of HubSpot’s Social Publishing tools. The Social Sharing Bookmarklet essentially takes these same features and makes them even more convenient to access.

The HubSpot Publishing Bookmarklet makes it easy for you to:

  • Share content you find on the web with any of the social media accounts you’ve connected to your HubSpot social media publishing tool
  • Post social media messages for immediate publishing
  • Schedule social media messages to be published at a later date

Once you have installed the bookmarklet into your browser a small “Share via HubSpot” button will appear in your bookmark bar.

As you browse the web and come across content that would be valuable to share with your social media audience you can add it to your HubSpot social media publishing backlog with one simple click.

When you click on the “Share via HubSpot” button the bookmarklet widget will automatically grab the title and url of the page you are on. Without ever leaving the page you will be prompted with the HubSpot publishing interface.

Within the interface you have the ability to edit the post, share it immediately, schedule the post to be published in the future, attribute it to a HubSpot campaign, attach files and post to multiple social channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The bookmarklet is currently available to all HubSpot customers and can be installed in a matter of minutes. This tutorial covers How to Install the HubSpot Social Publishing Bookmarklet.

Hope this tip helps! Happy HubSpotting!

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