Could 394,774 readers be wrong?

Every morning The Chronicle Herald masthead proudly announces that the paper has “Atlantic Canada’s Largest Reach”, with 316,700 print readers daily and another 78,074 returning online users. For a paper that has had its share of troubles lately, it’s a not-so-subtle nudge to prospective advertisers: “Hey, send us some ad revenue love over here! People are still reading the herald! Perhaps more now than ever before!”
As The Chronicle Herald joins many other North American dailies trying to stay afloat these days, it seems the question they’re asking themselves is: Why are advertisers moving elsewhere when our readership remains solid?
I think it might be better to start with another question: What are we going to do with the gift of attention we receive every day from 394,774 people to build a viable news service that can thrive today and in the future?

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