What is Agile Marketing? 5 Educational & Inspirational Videos

You have likely heard some buzz about “Agile Marketing” – a marketing management approach that adapts agile software development methodologies to the planning and execution of marketing programs.

Over that last few years Agile marketing has taken the startup community by storm, becoming the de facto marketing management approach amongst savvy marketers. The benefits of Agile methodology include increased productivity, transparency, measurability and customer satisfaction.

We are now seeing organizations of all sizes and from every vertical adopt Agile Marketing methodology. To help you get started with Agile Marketing, we have pulled together this list of five videos from top agile marketing thought leaders we think you’ll find interesting.

These five videos will provide you with an introduction to the principles of agile marketing methodology, first-hand stories about the results organizations have experienced and advice on how to introduce agile marketing to your organization.

1. Agile Marketing – Whiteboard Friday with Moz

This quick 8 minute video explores the nifty, nefarious world of Agile Marketing. Jonathon Colman covers the four key principles of Agile Marketing and talks about how you can use them to hack your organization to deliver more value to your customers more often by breaking down barriers and removing impediments to your progress.

2. Agile Marketing Explained in Under 2 Minutes

Rhett Weiss, the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University explains how agile marketing helps organizations gather customer feedback to improve marketing messaging, and fine tune pricing strategy and provide more value.

3. Agile Marketing Panel at the Inbound Marketing Summit Boston 2012

During the Inbound Marketing Summit Jim Ewel, author of, moderated a panel discussion about introducing agile marketing into organizations. During the 20 minute discussion Jim’s guests provide valuable insight about their experience, the benefits they have discovered when introducing agile marketing into their organizations, and tips for getting started.

Panelists include:

4. Agile marketing in 20 slides and 5 minutes

“What the heck is this agile marketing thing people keep talking about?!”

 If that question is on your mind – and you aren’t familiar with agile software development, from which its ideas sprang – this video will give you the quick lowdown. During the ASAE’s technology conference Scott Brinker presented this “ignite talk”– 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide auto-advancing, 5 minutes total.

5. HubSpot’s CMO, Mike Volpe on Agile Marketing

At the November 2013 Boston Agile Marketing Meetup Mike Volpe shared how Hubspot uses Agile Marketing methodology to keep its marketing machine focused and optimized. Mike’s team was one of the earliest proponents of Agile for marketing. Agile Marketing has helped HubSpot become the second fastest growing software company, attracting over 11,000 customers since 2007.

Mike shares how they made it happen, including:

  • How they have adapted the Agile methodology
  • Strategies for handling longer term deliverables like events and media buying as a part of the process
  • Practical advice for marketers who are considering adopting Agile

Mike has made the slides from the presentation are available on slideshare and a recap of the key takeaways from the presentation is available on the Chief Marketing Technologist blog.

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