What the Quebec Charter of Values Can Teach You About Marketing

Does your business serve people in multiple languages? All too often I see people trying to service a francophone market from an English-first perspective.

Symptoms include:

  • Only translating a small percentage of your website content
  • Using tools like Google Translate and other free, online, translation tools
  • Thinking your Grade 8 French class is enough to “get you by, la”

Look, I get it. Proper translation costs money. And you like to save money. But make no mistake—to a prospect whose mother tongue is French, your attempt to save money translates as you not caring about doing business with them. Furthermore, if your translation isn’t professionally done, there’s a good chance it just doesn’t make sense. Quebec’s recent Charter of Values debate left me wanting to know what percentage of Quebecers support the initiative. Naturally, I searched Google. The Government of Quebec’s adwords ad speaks for itself. If your mother tongue is English, as you read it, what impression does the ad leave you with?

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quebec charter adwords

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