Who wins?

My considerably better half and I had a great time this past May two-four long weekend touring southern New Brunswick by motorcycle. Along the way we stopped off at the Hopewell Rocks – one of New Brunswick’s signature tourist attractions along the famous Bay of Fundy. Highest tides in the world, etc. Following an enjoyable twenty minute walk along a coastal trail, we arrived at the lookout where folks can take in a view of the famous Flower Pots complete with an adjacent cafe, etc.

Oh, and trash receptacles.

With ads.

Like this one:


Who wins with advertising like this?

My bet is that this ad will deliver exactly zero customers to Ponderosa Steakhouse. Zero. Money wasted.

As a park visitor, this surely doesn’t enhance my visit. In fact, it makes it worse. I’ve already paid $8.50 per person for admission – how much would it cost to make my visit to one of the world’s 7 natural wonders ad free?

Even if the New Brunswick government got the trash cans for “free”, they’re costing them every single day. Penny wise, pound foolish. Interruption marketing at its worst, perhaps.

What do you think?

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